Wieliczka 2019 – Hidden World of Wonders

On 31st of January, the class 2k went on a trip to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. The mine received its international recognition in 1978, when it was entered on the UNESCO List. The students were looked after by two teachers, Mrs.K.Kowalska and Mrs B.Cygankiewicz-Buś who was also the guide. The visit started on the first level that means 64 meters underground and ended on the third level 135 meters below the surface!. Students could see medieval machines, mining equipment and hear the stories about miners’ lives. Walking through the underground tunnels and corridors, students had a chance to admire many chambers, chapels and even artificial lakes. Moreover, the students visited 5D cinema where they could learn more about the history of the mine. During the short break there was some time to visit a souvenir shop, full of bath salts, regular salt used in the kitchen and other salt related products. Also the class had to complete a short quiz about the history of this place. At the end, students visited the Chapel of John Paul II. There was an intriguing altar in the shape of a heart and quite unusual lightning; despite its modern style, the chapel perfectly fits the mood not only a chapel in general, but the whole mine. The most impressive though, was Saint Kinga’s Chapel. Statues and handmade chandeliers in combination with classical music left everyone in awe! And finally to get to the surface, ‘unusually crowded but fast’ lift had to be used. Everyone left in a great mood and a little more knowledge about that unforgettable museum.

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