Wieliczka Salt Mine - 2013

On 12th of April 2013 a group of students from class 1a, together with two teachers, visited the historical salt mine in Wieliczka. In order to reach the first level of the mine, students had to descend 378 stairs. What a challenge and what a magnificent view!!! Then visitors could admire spacious chambers often with wooden cribs, beautifully decorated underground chapels (including the biggest chapel of St Kinga), pretty green lakes, traces of mining works and different mining machines. They also learned a lot about the history of this place which was closely connected with the history of Poland and a little bit about geology and archeology. Using underground galleries, ramps and passages between the levels, the students finally reached the third level which is located 135 metres below the surface. All together there were about 8oo steps and 3 kilometres! It is worth mentioning that the whole trip was in English and at the end of the tour students had to answer some questions to test both their knowledge and new vocabulary about the ancient and present salt mine.

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