Dazzling Face of Ancient Mine

Would you like to take a walk among the salt works of art? Do you want to get to know the dark corners of the hidden world or the dazzling face of the ancient mine? If yes, you have to take part in the underground expedition… to the Wieliczka Salt Mine. On 17th of February students from classes 3a and 3n visited that mine, together with two teachers, Mrs G.Skałka and B.Cygankiewicz. Some basic facts about the place. There are nine levels reaching as far down as 327 m below the ground, about 300 km of underground corridors and passages and more than 2 400 chambers! The temperature, however, is quite stable from 14 to 16 degrees C throughout the whole year. What makes this place exceptional apart from the beautiful chambers, chapels and lakes is the air. Special Rehabilitation and Treatment centre is located on the third level. Patients suffering from asthma, throat diseases, bronchitis or pneumonia get better there because of the unique microclimate, rich in microelements, sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium ions. No wonder visitors believe in a joke: ‘If you spend two hours in such healthy surroundings, you will live two weeks longer’. So our trip was not only interesting, educational (it was in English) but also very healthy!

Ozdobny żyrandol w kopalni soli w Wieliczce Ozdobny żyrandol w kopalni soli w Wieliczce
Sala balowa w kopalni soli w Wieliczce Figury z soli
Figury z soli - królowa i rycerze Tablica kontrolna